Lead the wisdom urban construction

Navigation beyond the position

Identification、Monitoring、Control of the Internet of things

The solution

We through the innovation of the industrial design the transformation of scientific research achievements for the commercial product,And use the advanced information system technology to realize cross-platform concise and practical software solutions for support。

Intelligent transportation

Intelligent transportation bus intelligent was achieved by electronic bus stop and mobile applications。The electronic stop publishing system integrates the bus stop、Three mainstream multimedia information publishing system and video monitor system。Mobile applications let people never leave home that is a bus station information,And can call a taxi。

Earthquake monitoring

High precision seismic monitoring system based on real timeGNSSPositioning technology,In any location on the earth、At any timeGNSSSystem to provide all types of users continuously dynamic three-dimensional position、The three-dimensional velocity and time information,Implement all over the world、All-weather continuous real-time navigation、Positioning and timing。

Beidou ship

Marine integrated information service platform for the ship、Ship administration, etc. Application units to provide powerful spatial orientation、The communication support,Around the big dipper location service、Satellite communication services, and other functions,Starting from the different business types of satisfy different applications,Construction of ship's integrated information service oriented navigation satellite communication terminal。

Through technology and talent communication with colleges and universities,Weihai pioneered satellite navigation、Earthquake monitoring technology research and development,In satellite navigation and positioning algorithm、High precisionGNSSPositioning monitoring made extraordinary achievements,In the international、Domestic well-known magazine published many papers,Obtain a patent license,In the international satellite navigation industry has a certain visibility and influence。

National one thousand experts
The core technology
Large project delivery
The aggressive development


By the CPC weihai municipal committee of weihai nanhai district committee and weihai new district management committee awarded of the south China sea 2〇Annual scientific and technological personnel work advanced unit contents


Awarded by shandong provincial government Taishan industry leading talent award(Science and technology entrepreneurship class)


Consultant c hoi is weihai love foundation grant of the south China sea 2015The annual weihai outstanding contribution prize in the new area of the south China sea

To join us

The German rigorous values and innovative culture

Agile work process and cross functional teams

Own and professional ability promotion

Flattening management system and open feedback

A challenging project,A good work life balance

Java/Web/SpringSoftware engineer

I hope you

  • Have onJavaAndSpringMore than one year work experience
  • Can turn ideas quickly into reliable and maintainable code
  • UnderstandingWeb Service
  • Technology is open for may need in the future
  • Proactive,Has the team consciousness,Keep passion for work
  • Good English communication and writing skills

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C/C++/HDL/FPGASoftware engineer

I hope you

  • Have more than one year and integrated circuit or FPGA The application/Routine development experience
  • To masterJava、C、C++Such as the mainstream language
  • To masterVerilogOrVHDLAnd so onHDLLanguage
  • Hardware design can be quickly implemented
  • Circuit design knowledge
  • Good command of English in speaking, reading and writing

Now the CV

Data ScienceEngineer

I hope you

  • MasterR、MATLAB、ENVIIn the fields of a particular language
  • To masterJava、PythonSuch as the mainstream language
  • Have onHadoop、Spark、ELKMore than one year work experience
  • Technology is open for may need in the future
  • Proactive,Has the team consciousness,Keep passion for work
  • Good English communication and writing skills

Now the CV

Weihai wuzhou day

In good order、Busy and full

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